Mrs. Yumkella Supports Underprivileged School Children.

Mrs. Yumkella Supports Underprivileged School Children in Cooperation with Reuben Shoes International and other NGOs

In Africa hundreds of thousands of children walk long distances barefooted to and from schools every day.  Apart from the physical exhaustion, they develop sour feet and other orthopedic problems. Many of these children also go to school hungry. This assessment is true for school children in Sierra Leone as well.

Several NGOs have come together to address this problem of barefooted students in our schools. Reuben Shoes International, has provided shoes for poor school children. They will be distributed by Lanyi Educational Advancement and Development Foundation, and several international and local partners, who have all joined hands to commence the distribution of shoes to thousands of poor students all over the country. The distribution commenced in Bo and Moyamba on Monday March 15-16, 2016 and will continue for several months all over the country.  The first team was led by Madam Philomena Yumkella.IMG-20160222-WA0141

The initial beneficiary schools include: BO DISTRICT-Vision Academic, pre and primary school in Gbonda town; Methodist primary school in Bunubu press; Islamic Call society primary school; Christ Evangelical community pre primary school, New York section; Islag primary school, Manjama; American Baptist church primary school, Kowama; St Theresa’s pre school, Gerehun Road; SDA primary school, Kandeh town; Methodist primary school, Tengbeleh Bagbo.

MOYAMBA DISTRICT: RC Primary School, Kogbotuma; Life of Light primary school; Ahmadiya Musliim primary school, Gbangbantoke junction; Community Bomotoke RC primary school, Timdale; UNC primary school. Timdale; Community Mokpanabon UNC primary school; community Mokaiyamba; M.D.E.C school, Timdale; Community Gondama ICS achool.

Madam Yumkella who holds a masters degree in Vocational Technical Education has been supporting various educational Programmes in Sierra Leone over the past 20 years in cooperation with the Catholic churches and several NGO’s. She told the teachers in Bo that “we must give hope and opportunity to young children, and that includes an appropriate atmosphere to inspire learning. But a hungry and tired child, with swollen feet, cannot concentrate in class”. In Motamba she delivered a similar message of hope. She thanked the partner international NGOs for their collaboration and for this noble cause. She wished them well as they distribute to other schools in the Western Area, Northern and Eastern Provinces.

During the Ebola crisis Mrs. Yumkella also provided assistance through Caritas to various communities. More recently, she joined another international NGO called TSU Chi to distribute over 2000 beds, blankets and other equipment to several hospitals and communities.

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